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West Branch Students Showcase Video in OK, Inc's Film Festival

Students from local high schools were honored for creating short films to tackle some tough subjects. 
Some of the topics included alcohol, anxiety, teen pregnancy, and vaping. The red carpet like event was held at the DeYor Performing Arts Center. 

Students from several schools in the Valley took part in the Friends for Friends Campaign Film Festival and spent months planning, and helping write, act, and produce short films with Jay Brownlee from Operation Keepsake or OK Inc.

21 News went to West Branch High School to talk with students about their experience. Isabella Baird, a sophomore at the school, says the short film Vaping Fact or Fiction, was a team effort with about 15 students. Baird said, "We looked into information, did lots of research, and realized this is something we need to address."

Carter Holodnak, also a sophomore at West Branch, added, "Vaping is common in schools, with kids as young as 12 who vape. I see half, if not more, of the kids, nowadays vaping in school. They were going to the bathroom to get in a stall, or sometimes even in classrooms. They hide out in the back and tuck their head and hit it."
Principal Brian Coffee, who has a cameo appearance in the film, says their work can help other kids and teens make right decisions since many kids and teens believe it's just vapor and safer than cigarettes.  
Coffee said, "I'm very proud of them. It's a national product that gets a lot of press. I'm glad our students stepped up to try and make a difference."
All of the videos, including, Vaping Fact or Fiction, have been posted to OK Inc., on YouTube. You can check them all out and vote for your favorite by liking and commenting on the videos.
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