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Nurse-Family Partnership at Mahoning County Educational Service Center

The Mahoning County Educational Service Center (MCESC) announced today, November 30, 2018, it is launching Nurse-Family Partnership, a national program that has a positive impact on the future of the most vulnerable babies and their mothers living in poverty.

Nurse- Family Partnership (NFP) through MCESC is another evidence based home visiting program providing education, resources and support to expectant, first time mothers in Mahoning County.  Nurse- Family partnership will be able to serve up to 100 mothers in its first year. It is an addition to the two home visiting program MCESC already has in place: the Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting and Help Me Grow. These two program serve up to 400 mothers and families in Mahoning County.  With the addition of the Nurse-Family Partnership, MCESC will be able to serve up to 500 mothers and families in Mahoning County.



“Nurse-Family Partnership makes a long-lasting difference in the lives of children and families, communities are healthier and stronger for many generations,” said Kim Johnson, Infant and Toddler Supervisor, MCESC.



Nurse-Family Partnership helps a woman in poverty, pregnant with her first child, become the best mom she can be.  Each expectant woman connects with her own personal nurse who works alongside her throughout her pregnancy, and until her child’s second birthday to help her accomplish her goals and give her child a healthier start.  Two grants, totaling more than $1.2 million dollars will help implement and maintain the new program in Mahoning County.



Four registered nurses are part of the Nurse-Family Partnership through MCESC. Each is expertly trained, and will guide the expectant woman to improve her prenatal care, help the new mom to have a healthy pregnancy, improve birth outcomes and the health and development of a child. The program is free, and voluntary for women who qualify.  The nurse also supports the new mom to become economically self-sufficient, encouraging her to pursue her career goals. By strengthening families, Nurse-Family Partnership sparks multigenerational change and helps break cycles of poverty. Expectant women can contact Nurse-Family Partnership to see they qualify for this free program, by  calling 330-616-3322.