• Treasurer


    What we do:

    The Office of the Treasurer is the custodian for all public funds. The office also houses all records and documents relative to fiscal policy as governed by statutory authority, including personnel and payroll documentation. We also comply with all local, state and federal laws pertaining to the duties of the MCESC Office of the Treasurer.


    How can we help?

    The Office of the Treasurer assists in the compilation of all related service data pertaining to each district we serve. We aim to provide real-time data to those entities upon request. We also serve local Boards of Education in Treasurer/CFO searches, as well as provide them with interim Treasurer/CFO services at no additional cost.

    Ryan Jones

    330.533.8755 ext. 1059
    Tyler Lewis

    Assistant Treasurer 
    330.533.8755 ext. 1115
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