• Advocacy for Education

    Our leadership team recognized the need to share the needs and concerns of educators and administrators directly with policymakers. Our Government Affairs and Workforce Development Department provides advocacy efforts on behalf of our districts for upcoming legislation, offers grant support, and creates opportunities for school leaders to connect with policymakers. Our team is dedicated to making sure our schools have a voice to advocate for their students, their district, and their educators.


  • Lobbying

    Our Government Affairs team proactively relays insight from the leaders of the districts we serve to policymakers about upcoming legislation and offers support or opposition to these bills and policies on behalf of our districts.

    Grant Support

    Our districts benefit from the connections our Government Affairs team has with decisions-makers and their peers through advocay for our districts and service center in competition for grant dollars.

    Relationships with Policymakers

    Our Educate & Advocate programs connect our school leadership and administration directly with policymakers in a bi-partisan platform to give aligned districts a voice for their schools and students.

    Upcoming Events

    Our Educate & Advocate Series offers a number of opportunities for our district leaders to build relationships with policymakers to advocate for the district's needs and concerns.

    Join any of our upcoming events for a bi-partisan discussion and the opportunity for Q&A with our guests!

    Educate and Advocate with Rob Portman February 24 4:30 p.m.