• Community Engagement


    What we do:
    The Community Engagement Department is rapidly growing to

    meet the needs of our partners. Good communication is key to a

    school district's success.  We offer unique ways to help your

    school district look its best!


    How can we help?
    The Community Engagement Department offers comprehensive

    plans to attract new and retain current students within their home

    district. We also offer new and innovative ways to effectively

    compete with charter, community schools, and online programs.

    Our goal is to offer open communication strategies to better

    inform community stakeholders about what’s actually going on in

    the school buildings.

    • Communications Strategy

    • Marketing Strategy

    • Website Content Creation Strategy

    • Social Media Strategy

    • Customized Videos and Photos

    • Newsletters and Annual Reports

    • Press Releases

    • Crisis Management


MCESC Director of Teaching and Learning, Kim Davis, being interviewed by WKBN News.