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    • More than 180 staff members with 1,800+ years of experience and expertise in Special Education

    • 12 Instructional Supervisors in Teaching and Learning that every district has access to

    • All Early Childhood classrooms that have had onsite reviews have earned a Step Up to Quality Five Star Rating

    • Currently service 22 Districts in Mahoning, Columbiana, Portage and Trumbull Counties

    • Established the Mahoning Valley Regional Council of Governments (COG) for hiring interim administrative staff, interim services and over 300 substitute teachers

    • Certified staff have been with us for an average of 7.92 years

    • Conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey in order to better meet your needs

    • Over 500 news releases promoting public education sent last year

    • Curriculum Council meetings for any participants

    • School Levy and Crisis Management support

    • Fiscal Agent to 5 entities

    • Annual All Boards Meeting

    • Board Member Assistance and Professional Development

    • Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP) Assistance

    • Coordination of Shared Services

    • Collaborative Purchasing

    • Curriculum/ Special Education Advisory Council

    • School Counselor Meetings

    • Leadership Meetings: Elementary, Middle and High School

    • Licensure Assistance

    • Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC)

    • Negotiated Agreement Consulting

    • Pupil Services Management Team Consulting

    • School Data Review

    • Superintendent Evaluation

    • Superintendent/Executive Searches

    • Teacher Professional Development

    • Assistive Technology - $442.26

    • ED Elementary - $118.84

    • ED High - $118.84

    • mcSPA Alternative - $34.67

    • MD Elementary / ID Elementary - $118.84

    • MD High / ID High - $118.84

    • Occupational Therapy - $442.26

    • One-on-One Aides/SERS (annually)
      - actual cost

    • Orientation and Mobility (per minute) - $1.61

    • Physical Therapy - $442.26

    • Preschool Classroom Only - $34.02

    • Preschool Disability - $64.27

    • Psychology - $442.26

    • Speech Language Pathology - $442.26 

    • Supervisor - actual cost

    • Technology - $300

    • Transition to Work - $87.50

    • Visually Impaired (per minute) - $1.52

    • Work Study (per student) - $245.71

    NOTE:  All costs are based on a per day rate unless otherwise noted.


Services Offered


    The Alternative Education Programs provide a variety of educational options for students, including smaller class sizes, online education, blended learning settings and traditional classroom instruction. The programs focus on the students as individuals and develop plans to ensure that the students will be successful.  All of the alternative programs offer additional supports to students including on-site counseling and social work services. Discipline is addressed through positive reinforcement and behaviors are assessed to determine the underlying causes in order to return the students to a focus on learning. Mediations, parent meetings, wrap-around services and one-on-one student services are all methods by which needs are addressed to ensure students remain in school and have access to learning.

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    The Community Engagement Department is rapidly growing to meet the needs of our partners. We offer unique ways to help your school district look its best!

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    The Human Resources and Business Operations Department ensures that the ESC has appropriate staffing to meet district service requests. We make sure that staff have supplies and resources they need to efficiently carry out their duties, including but not limited to, licensure assistance, BCI/FBI checks, and resume and credential review. We also oversee the development and execution of MCESC contracts including those for leases and services. Upon request, we also assist/partner with districts for purchasing, contracts, and coordination of operations.

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    The Pupil Services and Early Childhood Departments provide direct and related services to infants, toddlers, pre-school and school age children with disabilities. In addition, families are supported in helping their children develop to their full potential. Some of these services include classroom instruction, psychology, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, visual impairment services, orientation and mobility, assistive technology, and work study.

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    SST Region 5 provides high quality professional development and technical assistance focused on school improvement, special education, and early learning and school readiness for Ashtabula, Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana Counties.

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    The Teaching and Learning Department consists of fifteen Instructional Consultants who are recognized as experts in their respective fields of education. The department members strive to provide first-class professional development and instructional assistance to school district educators. They are current members of many Ohio Department of Education committees and also are consistently chosen as Ohio state trainers for various educational initiatives.

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    The Technology Department offers the needed support for a district to achieve their technology goals. We assist districts with guidance during purchasing decisions, project implementation, training, and maintenance on technology systems.

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    The Office of the Treasurer is the custodian for all public funds. The office also houses all records and documents relative to fiscal policy as governed by statuary authority, including personnel and payroll documentation. We also comply with all local, state and federal laws pertaining to the duties of the MCESC/MCCTC Office of the Treasurer.

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