The Pupil Personnel Department has special education supervisors who serve as off-site program managers for special education programs housed in districts.  In addition, these supervisors assist districts, based upon request and/or need, with all special education related issues such as IEP development, curriculum, assessment, behavior and overall coordination of special education programming.
    For additional information please contact:
    Kimberly S. Monachino Ed.D., Director Early Childhood and Pupil Services
    (330) 533-8755 ext. 1022
    Kim Balash, Supervisor of Programs for Students with Emotional Disturbance and Transition Programs
    (330) 533-8755 ext. 1019  
    Jennifer Scarmack, Supervisor of Programs for Intellectual Disabilities and Multiple Disabilities
    (330) 533-8755 ext. 1071
    Julie Morar, Supervisor of Programs for Multiple Disabilities
    (330) 533-8755 ext. 1085