• "What is Help Me Grow?"
     Help Me Grow is Ohio’s evidenced-based parent support program that encourages early prenatal and well-baby care, as well as parenting education to promote the comprehensive health and development of children. The Mahoning County Educational Service Center operates two programs under the Help Me Grow name, Healthy Families America and Nurse-Family Partnership.

    These two home visiting models work to accomplish the following goals:

    1. Improve maternal and child health;
    2. Prevent child abuse and neglect;
    3. Encourage positive parenting;
    4. Promote child development and school readiness

    To enroll in one of the home visiting program opportunities, contact one of the Central Coordination staff members at 330-616-3322 or use the link below;



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    Christine Hanysh, LSW, MHHS 
    Family Service Supervisor
    Kim Johnson, Ed.D. 
    Infant and Toddler Supervisor
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