• Alternative Education


    What we do...

    The Alternative Education Programs provide a variety of

    educational options for students, including smaller class sizes,

    online education, blended learning settings and traditional

    classroom instruction. The programs focus on the students as

    individuals and develop plans to ensure that the students will be

    successful.  All of the alternative programs offer additional

    supports to students including on-site counseling and social work

    services. Discipline is addressed through positive reinforcement

    and behaviors are assessed to determine the underlying causes

    in order to return the students to a focus on learning. Mediations,

    parent meetings, wrap-around services and one-on-one student

    services are all methods by which needs are addressed to

    ensure students remain in school and have access to learning.


    How can we help?

    Some of the programs allow the districts to maintain their

    students while also allowing them access to unique

    programming that will address their needs as they relate to

    mental health, academic struggles, and credit recovery.

    Movement throughout the alternative programs helps to ensure

    the most appropriate placement for the students.


    Sean Sich - Mahoning Unlimited Classroom (MUC) 
    Kimberly S. Monachino Ed.D. - PACE 
    Traci Hostetler - Home School 
Student with instructor at Mahoning Unlimited Classroom.

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