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  • Educate and Advocate Conversation with US Senator Rob Portman Feb 24 4:30 pm

Thought Leaders: Four-Part Series With MCESC Superintendent, Dr. Traci Hostetler

  • Part One:

    The Superintendent of the Mahoning County Educational Service Center, Dr. Traci Hostetler talks about how the MCESC is helping schools help students look to the future.

    View Interview - Part One

    Part Two:

    Dr. Traci Hostetler talks about the future of how we teach our kids, and explains her research into open enrollment and why she is not an advocate.

    View Interview - Part Two

    Part Three:

    Dr. Traci Hostetler shares why she went from teacher to administrator and how the loss of her mother at a young age made her who she is today.

    View Interview - Part Three

    Part Four:

    Dr. Traci Hostetler talks about tackling mental health in our schools, how the MCESC is putting the focus on preschool, and why women have to fight a little harder to succeed.

    View Interview - Part Four

Experience, Expertise and Leadership in Education

  • Every child deserves a high-quality education to grow into a productive, successful and happy member of society.

    Mahoning County Educational Service Center (MCESC) provides our partners with the information, guidance, and skills to help them meet that goal.   

    School Districts today face a challenging climate of changing federal and state requirements, funding issues, social pressures and societal problems that trickle into the classroom.  It’s MCESC’S intent to provide resources so that districts can skillfully navigate those challenges.

    MCESC currently serves 22 school districts and nearly 46,000 children in Mahoning, Columbiana, Portage and Trumbull Counties. Through shared services, we attempt to keep the costs of education low, while maximizing the benefits in curriculum services, professional development and special needs programs and services.

Pay Preschool Fees and Tuition Online

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  • Pursuant to Senate Bill 197, which was passed by the Ohio legislature and signed by Governor DeWine, boards of education are permitted to conduct board meetings electronically.  As a result, the Governing Board of the Mahoning County Educational Service Center will conduct a regualr meeting of the Board electronically on February 18, 2021, at 4:30 pm.  The meeting will not be held at the MCESC, which is the usual regular meeting site.  The new location of the electronic meeting can be accessed at

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